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When you visited Chouinard, you always had the chance to meet Heidi, the one who really ran things at the winery. The official greeter for many years. A finer dog, you couldn’t find. She was the right dog for us at the winery. Fun, kind yet a hard worker. In the picture on the right, you see Heidi with one of her fans. The expression on her face (Heidi’s face, that is) is what we call pure doggie Heaven.


Heidi took her responsibilities around the vineyards and winery very seriously. What a Great Dog and Friend she was.. She was responsible for making guests feel welcome and making sure the pests stay away. That latter part included keeping the deer from eating the grapes before we had a chance to make wine out of them (the grapes, that is).

The lower picture shows Heidi taking a break from her duties as greeter by the tasting room door. Sha the cat (pronounced like “Shaw” because that’s what he thinks he is) had reached an agreement with Heidi to share some of the greeter duties. Like most cats, however, Sha isn’t real good at showing up on time for work, so Heidi was the well loved Greeter that never failed to make you feel welcome. She was always ready to have some fun, and was a great companion. Sadly Heidi is no longer with us. She supervised her last harvest and took that last hike through the hills with Damian last year..

Good bye Heidi. You’ll be missed..