Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Wine is light captured in a glass

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Award winning wine

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard winery flowers

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard Winery near livermore

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

dawn-playing music at the winery

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard Dancing

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Chouinard Wines

Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

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    Winery Weddings

    Planning a Winery Wedding?
    If you are looking for a Winery Wedding Reception site in a beautiful vineyard and Woodland Setting we encourage you to visit our Winery. Talk to us.

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    Chouinard Winery Concert Series

    After 30 years of concerts, Chouinard Vineyards is featuring a very special talent in their 2018 calendar. The Best of the Best….for the Best…our own folks. Dawn Coburn, Joe Kady, and the The Garuda Blue Band Duo are all on tap this summer. $25/Carload up to 6 people! Best entertainment value around.

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    Wine Club

    Join the VIT club
    The Chouinard Very Important Tasters club has lots of benefits.
    Early releases, special events, discount prices. It's free to join. Ask us how.

Wines made with love

Chouinard's winery is an extension of our winemaking passion.

We create wines for people that love life and nature as much as we do. Wine, is light captured in a glass.

  • Our Upcoming Events

A Mothers Day Special Music Event

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day at the Winery.

We’ll be having a special tasting of Granny Smith Apple Wine and Orange Muscat Dessert Wine.
Picnic with your Mom to live music.
Time: 12 noon – 5 pm.


Bottle Your Own Wine

Bottle Your Own Chardonnay and Zinfandel Event.
Only $12.00 if you bring your own Bottle; $14.00 to use our Bottle. Lots of fun and $$ savings.

Time: 12 noon – 5 pm

A Fathers Day Special Music Event

Fathers Day will be a special Red Wine tasting.  There will be picnicking and live music by Dawn Coburn.

Time: 12 noon – 5pm

Crush Kick-Off – Free Evening Movie

Crush Kick Off! Sept 1st, 2nd, 3rd

A celebration of harvest with wine tasting, fine crafts with live music all 3 days:

Joe Kady on Saturday
TBA on Sunday
Dawn Coburn on Monday

On Sept. 1st to cap off the day’s activities there is also a Movie at Dusk, a double feature: Dracula and Frankenstein, classics, and the Universal Studios original of both movies. (charge $20.00).